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X People – Mozambique

Our ministry is going to be among the X people who live in coastal region of Mozambique. Their lives is linked to ocean. Influenced by @r@b traders, culture is defined by fishing.

Tradition says that about 1100 years ago, @r@b traders come along the east coast of Africa to take slaves. Whole groups became mu$l1m$, because @r@b mu$l1m$ were not allowed to take other mu$l1m$ as slaves. For this reason X became Mu$l1m.

X people value peace and harmony. They value family bonds, relationships and the respect for the eldery. They are afraid of dying and cannot get a proper funeral. Polygamy is common in this matrilineal society. The divorce is common and many women marry several times them it is difficult to discern family units. The children go to Madrassa schools, and although they memorize and recite the Kºr@n, they do not understand the meaning. Most X people are illiterate in Y language and speak just a little Portuguese.

These people are considered as unreached people, less than 2% of them know Christ. They have God consciousness and they are very aware of supernatural world, believe in magic, spirits and they fear demons. Even though fiercely I$1am|c in name, their view of world is strongly influenced by the animistic world of the ancestors, and they also use mediums as sorcerers. The women are more connected to the spiritual world, keeping “punge” (sessions) which can last all night long. Many ceremonies are tied to the protection of the demons to rice harvest. The sorcerer is paid to protect the boundaries of the rice paddy with beads, bottles, rags and bones.

Our Ministry

While were are in preparation and raising of support to develop the ministry in Africa, we developed missionary activity at AIM Office in South America located in Londrina-PR, Brazil, dedicating a service term acting in logistic support, support and guidance new long-term candidates, support for long-term missionaries, and care in the preparation, orientation, sending, support and recruitment of short-term missionary candidates.

Now, we are part of a missionaries team for working in Mozambique. The purpose of our team is working with the church implantation among X people.

Our mission while reviewing its approach in the last years, has understood that the most strategic way in spreading the gospel in Mozambique is by encouraging and supporting the work of Christians present in this country. As the current churches in this region do not have an expression as accessible church for these mu$l1m origin people, our ultimate goal is to deploy a Christ church among X people and see this nature church evangelizing its own people effectively. The team is being challenged to stimulate and support the churches present in this region in order to reach the people using a simple and contextualized model of church.

In order to better develop our ministry, during the first term of ministry which is planned for two years, we will have to go through the following stages:

·         Training by ABO (Immersion Culture School) in Kenya

·         Learning the local culture and language

·         Developing relationships in local community

·         Establishing partnerships and strategies with some local churches in the region

·         Developing activities and projects aiming at reaching X people

At the end of our first term we will have a time for “Home Assignment” returning to Brazil for an evaluation of progress in ministry, recyclings and resting for some months. After this time we are going to return to Mozambique to take the next term ministry and to implement the mobilization strategies developed during the first term.

Be Our Partner

In order to implement our Project, we need partners willing to invest in evangelizing X people, because if we really want to plant a Christocentric and reproductive church we can not work alone.

It is necessary we focus all our forces together so that the Glory of God comes upon this unreached people.

You can join our Project in several ways:

1 – Praying for our families and ministry, because prayer is the foundation of missionary work. As we are entering in a very difficult area and with so many challenges, having prayers partners will be essential for our ministry in Pemba.

2 – Participating financially in our Project. In this region we are going to need, besides the monthly support, we need an International Health insurance, a housing fund, a ministry fund and a reserve fund in case of possible needs. By the Grace of God we have already reached almost 85% of the value for our monthly support. Now we have the challenge to reach the remaining 30%.

3 – You can help us by mobilizing new partners and by the divulgation of our project.

For everything we have reported, we would like you to considerate in prayer, to be one of our partners praying for us or supporting us financially.

If you feel this direction from God in being one of our partners, please contact us by e-mail or phone call. Our mission organization will send you a monthly contribution carnet or guiding you through other means of contribution. You also can contribute to us by AIM website in this link:

Note: Worker-Full Name: Vinicius and Bruna (Ramos Silva Family - AIM South America)

God bless you!

Vinicius, Bruna, Malu

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